The Soska Sisters schedule an online event to watch ‘American Mary’ with fans!


The Soska sisters have sent out an invite for all of their fans to gather at one time and have a Twitter meet to watch their movie, American Mary. People associated with the film will be in attendance to answer questions. These people include actors Nelson Wong, Clay St. Thomas, Tristan Risk, and Paula Lindberg; producer Angel Morgan LeFay Towle, soundtrack artist Kevvy Mental, plus the directors Sylvia and Jenn Soska! You can see all of the details below (from their official event page) plus I added in a pic and a trailer. The question remains: who’s going to join me in watching this movie? I can’t wait!

Wanna watch AMERICAN MARY with the cast and crew?? Well, we wanna watch it with you!! Grab a copy, pop it in (and we’ll do the same) and we’ll watch the film LIVE and together answering your questions in the world’s biggest and bestest chatroom, Twitter!!

We are going to be doing a live “watch American Mary” and tweet along with the fans to celebrate the North American release and also bring in the UK fans who have been ravenous for the film. We did it before for DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK and crashed twitter, which was rad. We’d love to do it again.

We will be doing it June 21st (Friday) at Noon (noon so that it’ll be 8pm for the UK guys) on twitter. We’ll start the film at noon (we’ll just have one of our copies running) and stay on twitter answering questions and watching along with the fans as they watch their copies at home. We’re doing it not on the release date in order to make sure people are able to grab copies and if not you can rent it for the day on iTunes so you, too, can watch along!!

The film is out in North America JUNE 18th!! Pre~order yours below…

Here’s the DVD link:

Here’s the Blu Ray link:

Both of those are for North America.



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