Deadliest Warrior: ‘Game of Thrones’ Edition Episode 5: Grey Worm vs. Jaime Lannister(pre-maiming)


As Game of Thrones wraps up its impressive third season, the cast of characters has grown exponentially, with a few major players being picked off in the penultimate episode. In Essos, we’ve been introduced to the cunning, quick-talking warrior Daario Naharis, while iron-throneback in Westeros we’ve witnessed the treachery of the villainous Walder Frey. Another character worth mentioning is Grey Worm, leader of the Unsullied army now under Daenerys’s command. After watching Grey Worm in action in “The Rains of Castamere,” we figured he’d be perfect to pit against one of the finest warriors over in Westeros, Jaime Lannister. Well, at least at one point. As those keeping up with the show have noticed, Jaime’s sword hand is no longer attached to his wrist. However, prior to his maiming, Jaime was one of the deadliest fighters in the land, his name often used synonymously with “Kingslayer.” This unlikely(yet interesting) match-up begs the question: Who will win? Well, let’s find out!

Jaime Lannister


Our first impression of Jaime Lannister was not a good one. Just a few episodes in, he jaimepushed a young Bran Stark from a castle window, crippling the boy and leaving a sour taste in our mouths whenever we uttered his name. Since then, Jaime has spent most of his days in captivity as punishment for the atrocities he committed against the Stark family(and most of Westeros).

However, Season 3 sheds an interesting new light on his character and his motivations. It turns out he’s not the incestuous, lusty, evil man many believed he was. His good heart shines through when he rescues Brienne of Tarth, a soldier formerly in the service of Renly Baratheon who came to serve Catelyn Stark. This instance, as well as many others, serve as further evidence of what a brave warrior Jaime really is, which would be of great help in a duel against the skilled Grey Worm.

Since Jaime no longer has a sword hand, he would maybe earn a scoff from Grey Worm before being run through with a spear, and even that’s generous. So let’s backtrack a bit. Before a monumental asshole by the name of Locke sliced off his hand, Jaimie was quite the swordsman. He held his own in a fight with Brienne(and that’s after spending a good chunk of his time in captivity), almost getting the better of her but not quite being able to hack it.

He’s also extremely quick. Not Daario Naharis quick, but there is certainly something to be said of Jaime Lannister’s speed with a blade. Another point of interest is his reputation as a warrior, which could either be intimidating or instill a fierce case of the bloodlust in his opponent.  Either way, Jaimie is not someone you want to underestimate in combat.


Jaime’s biggest hindrances in a fight with someone like Grey Worm would be his cockiness and his tendency to judge  others at a glance. He judged Brienne just because she is a woman, and she ended up schooling him in single combat. Take that instance and imagine what he’d say to Grey Worm if he ever encountered him.

On top of those glaring character flaws, Jaime is also out of practice with a sword. He prefers to throw scathing insults and low blows at his enemies before he draws his sword, a tactic that usually works for him. In the seventh episode of Season 3, “The Bear and the Maiden Fair,” Jaime comes face to face with Locke, silencing him with his quick mouth and sharp wit. So in reality, while Jaimie is incredibly skilled with his steel, his big mouth is used more than his sword.

Grey Worm


Quiet, reserved, and grim-faced, Grey Worm came into the service of Daenerys Targaryen after she set his previous master aflame and claimed him and his fellow soldiers, got-game-of-thrones-34504179-500-281collectively known as the Unsullied. He expresses gratitude to Daenerys for freeing him, and she names him leader of the Unsullied.

As we see in “The Rains of Castamere,” Grey Worm totally owns with a spear. He takes out multiple soldiers at once with it, and proves himself a deadly warrior.

Another thing working in his favor is his weapon of choice. His spear extends his striking range, making it difficult for his enemies to even dream of getting close to him.


His spear serves as a fantastic weapon, but when it all comes down to it, it’s just a long stick that ends in a point. That being said, if Jaime can get past the pointed end of his spear, he wins the battle. And with Jaime’s affinity for swordplay, he totally could.


It’s an unbelievably tough call, but the fight would go to Jaime.  Sure, Grey Worm’s weapon has a longer range than his opponent’s, but Jaime could easily evade it and get close enough to gut him.

Both characters are exceptionally skilled in battle, but Jaime has the best chance of emerging as the victor.


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