Deadliest Warrior: ‘Game of Thrones’ Edition Episode 4: Daario Naharis vs. Jorah Mormont


With the premiere of last Sunday’s shocking episode, “The Rains of Castamere,” hype for HBO’s wildly successful Game of Thrones¬†has game-of-thrones-poster_85627-1920x12001never been higher. New characters are stepping into the spotlight as old characters are unceremoniously slaughtered, angering many fans who can no longer predict where the series will go. No one saw it coming(except for those who read the books), but it happened, and it’ll be interesting to see how this latest turn of events will affect the war for the Iron Throne.

New characters mean new material for this editorial, and this week we will be pitting an old character against a character who was introduced two episodes ago. In “The Rains of Castamere,” we saw these two unstoppable warriors fight side by side against seemingly impossible odds. But what would happen if the suave, clever Daario Naharis crossed steel with Daenerys’s trusted advisor Jorah Mormont? Below, we examine each character’s strengths and weaknesses and assess(as accurately as we can) who would walk away with his head still firmly planted between his shoulders. We know Daario Naharis enjoys lopping off heads to impress attractive women, but would he be able to beat Mormont? Read on for a detailed analysis of who would kick more ass.

Daario Naharis


Calm, collected, and confident, the Second Sons leader Daario Naharis is one of the most dangerous people in the Game of Thrones universe. He describes himself as “the simplest man you’ll ever meet,” and he’s right. He kills his fellow Second Sons commanders to prove his loyalty to Daenerys, all because he considers her to be a beautiful woman.

In the episodes “Second Sons” and “The Rains of Castamere,” the young warrior shows his chops in battle, dumping the heads of his fellow commanders at Dany’s feet in the former and fighting multiple city guards at once in the latter. His speed, skill, and savagery make him a force to be reckoned with.


Naharis may be nearly unmatched in combat, but his short, curved blade may prove to be more of a hindrance than a helper. Jorah Mormont carries a longsword, extending his range and giving him a distinct advantage over his younger opponent’s shorter, thinner blade.

Aside from his weapon of choice, Daario Naharis doesn’t have too many things stopping him from winning this fight.

Jorah Mormont


Dany’s most loyal supporter and in many ways her right-hand man, Jorah Mormont is incredibly skilled with a blade, and may give Darrio a run for his gold. He joined Daario and Grey Worm in the battle to win the city of Yunkai for their queen, and claimed just as many lives as his younger ally.

Like Daario, Jorah can fight several opponents at once, and is probably almost as quick. But Jorah has him beat in the experience department, having fought in battles when Daario was just a boy.


The age difference between the two works two ways. On one hand, it gives Jorah more experience. On the other, it slows him down considerably. Jorah’s age is his greatest disadvantage in this situation. Daario is fast, fluid, and efficient with his movements, making him a difficult opponent for an older man to face.

One miss-step, and Jorah could find his head separated from his body and thrown at the feet of his queen.


It’s certainly a tough call, but in this situation Daario Naharis would emerge the victor. He’s faster, younger, and more sure of himself, making him next to impossible for Jorah to beat. It would be an incredible fight, but the second Jorah tires and his movements become sluggish and uncoordinated, Daario will seize his chance and end it.




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