DCC13: Superman 75th Anniversary Celebration Panel!


1369891721000-Supes-logo-1305300130_3_4_r537_c0-0-534-712The second annual Denver Comic-Con is officially underway, and Lytherus.com’s own Hayden Mears is here to bring you the latest and greatest coverage of this incredible convention. A mere two hours after the Colorado Convention Center opened its doors to a horde of excited, chattering fans, the Con hosted a panel to celebrate the world’s first superhero. Superman writers Joe Kelly and Paul Ryan, along with a few other Man of Steel scribes and artists, sat down to discuss why Superman is so iconic and to reveal what their favorite Superman adventures are.  No moderators were present, so the panelists decided to go off the cuff. Audiences were treated to an honest, insightful, and fun panel that paid homage to one of the greatest superheroes to ever grace comic pages.

Action Comics writer Joe Kelly, Ben 10 co-creator Steve T. Seagle, Superman artist Paul Ryan, artist Joe Rubinstein, and  Superman/Batman writer Dexter Vines all sat down to treat fans to an hour of laughs, stories, and origins that served as a worthy celebration of that famous superhero Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel created 75 years ago.

During the panel, Seagle became a moderator/panelist hybrid, asking his fellow speakers questions that he would eventually have to answer as well. When asked where did they first encounter the Man of Steel, they gave a variety of answers. Joe Kelly remarked with a smile, “Superman comics came to me from an uncle and captured my imagination. As to how I came to be a Superman writer, I was hired by accident. Luckily, it worked out.”

Vines and Rubinstein declared themselves hooked on Superman after seeing Christopher Reeve portray him in the 1970s and 1980s, while Seagle surprised the audience by confessing that he disliked the Man of Steel until recently. Ryan wasn’t horribly clear about how he came upon Superman, but he mentioned being a fan for quite a while.

The next(and final) question from Seagle was one that the creators on stage seemed to be excited about. Seagle asked each of his co-super writers what their favorite Superman adventure was, and their answers couldn’t have been more diverse. Joe Kelly took us back to a story he read as a youngster, a story that featured a baby Superman with a form of rabies. He said that he was fascinated with an evil super baby, and that it has planted itself firmly in his memory as a fun read. Vines mention Superman: Birthright as a favorite of his, explaining that he loved “Lex Luthor being Lex Luthor” and the tight story.

Rubinstein described a story with Superman and President Kennedy, and how it struck a chord with him. The story went unnamed, but it seemed to pique the audience’s interest. Ryan brought up a “nice story in Superboy.” It showed Supergirl and Superman building a snowman together, which Ryan said was “beautifully illustrated.

Seagle ended the discussion portion of the panel with his multi-part answer, which included Superman for All Seasons, Action Comics #775(which Joe Kelly wrote), and the first appearance of Superman in Action Comics #1.

The panel closed with questions from the audience, followed by a final word from Seagle about the subject of the panel. He told the audience to keep Superman in mind, and to remember what he stands for.


Well, that’s it for our coverage of this panel! Let us know what you thought in the comments section!


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