What series would you like to see us read this summer?


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Now that it’s summer, and most of the books I’m really excited about are spaced months apart instead of weeks, I’m starting to look for a couple series to read through. Old favorites to reread, older series I’ve never been brave enough to try, and current series I’m behind in are all on the table. This year though, I’m going to try to read a book a week and review it. Some of the other writers are also interested in participating, and our question for you: what fantasy or scifi series would you like to see us do? Whether it’s your favorite series you’d like to see some discussion on or a series you’re curious about and want more information, leave a comment with the title and author! Some of our initial ideas included the Discworld books, Terry Brooks’ Shannara books, and the Ender’s Game series. Once we’ve gotten some good ideas that we think fit us well, we’ll make a poll to narrow it down to the top three or so. And get creative! YA, space opera, urban fantasy, tie-ins, or spinoffs, we’re game. Maybe you don’t want to see a series so much as…maybe a read through all the Hugo shortlisted nominees? You tell us.




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