Disney’s Marvel-ous Bad Guys: The three best villains in the ‘Marvel Cinematic Universe’


It is suggested that you read this article AFTER seeing Iron Man 3. 

With Iron Man 3 releasing in theaters this week and introducing a new super-baddie, the Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) is expanding at a rapid pace. The core group of heroes, The Avengers, have been introduced, and now are being explored in their respective solo sequels. Even more fascinating than these larger-than-life heroes are the villains who show up to keep them busy. The shared movie universe devised by Marvel Studios and Disney features some of the most memorable villains in cinema, but which one is the best?

In celebration of the launch of ‘Phase Two’ and of the many Marvel villains, we’ve compiled a list of the top three baddies in the franchise so far. Who’s the most deplorable being in the universe? Find out below!

Aldrich Killian

iron-man-3-new-character-poster-for-aldrich-killianA former cripple and the inventor of the deadly  Extremis virus, Aldrich Killian(played by the talented Guy Pierce) is one of the villains in Iron Man 3 and one of the most dangerous people in the MCU. His blatant disregard for human life and his unparalleled cunning prove quite a challenge for Tony Stark, and Killian actually comes closer than any other villain to finishing off our favorite armored superhero.

Killian knows Tony Stark’s vulnerabilities and uses them to crush him both mentally and physically. His enhanced speed and strength(courtesy of Extremis) make him a tough man for anyone to tackle, but that’s not what makes him so dangerous. It’s his most deceiving qualities that make him such a formidable adversary for Stark. He’s calm, calculated in his decisions, and patient. To me, those are deadlier qualities than being on super-roids.

Red Skull

red-skullIn terms of plotting and overall villainy, few compare to the Red Skull(played by Elrond….I mean Hugo Weaving). Steve Rogers manages to beat him in Captain America: The First Avenger, but I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of the Red Skull and his crimson cranium.

The Red Skull’s story begins roughly the same way as Cap’s does: agreeing to be Dr. Erskine’s guinea pig to test his newly developed super soldier serum. But the key difference is, the Red Skull needs MAJOR plastic surgery and Cap doesn’t. In all other respects, the two are equals. A villain that is Cap’s equal? It’s no wonder he’s the second best villain in the MCU!

And the Winner is…..

Loki Laufeyson(portrayed by Tom Hiddleston) has always tried to steal his brother Thor’s thunder, often doing things like destroying the Marvel-The-Avengers-Movie-lokiBifrost and leading an alien invasion against Earth to get what he craves more than anything else: power. But underneath that insatiable desire to rule, there’s a need for love and acceptance.  He’s not evil, he’s just severely misguided. That’s what sets Loki apart from any other villain in the MCU(so far). He has a good heart that has been tainted by years of resentment and rejection, leading him to attempt to take over the world and stab Coulson through the back with a magical space staff.

Will Loki ever redeem himself? Or will he fall further into darkness? We won’t get any more hints until Thor: The Dark World hits theaters this November, so until then we can continue to debate and speculate the ultimate fate of the most complex villain in the MCU.



As powerful as The Avengers are, their adversaries are just as formidable. And with Thanos reportedly coming into play in the near future and possibly thinning The Avenger’s ranks, you can bet that some exciting, catastrophic good-vs.-evil conflicts are on the horizon. As the MCU swells in terms of scope and characters, this list will likely be updated. Stay tuned.


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