Updates from Star Wars book give us blurbs and covers for upcoming novels


Star Wars books has revealed the cover for Star Wars: Empire and Rebellion: Razor’s Edge which is expected to hit shelves on October 15th.

rebel-razor-leia-245x372It’s a bit odd to have Leia sporting her future sister-in-law’s signature outfit…and I’ll try not to read to much into that. I’m also really hoping that they aren’t going to revisit the idea of a love triangle with Leia, Han, and Luke since we all know better now. However, Razor’s Edge remains my most anticipated Star Wars novel for this year.

However, the other book we got an update is a very close second. John Jackson Miller’s Kenobi finally has a blurb.

Tatooine—a harsh desert world where farmers toil in the heat of two suns while trying to protect themselves and their loved ones from the marauding Tusken Raiders. A backwater planet on the edge of civilized space. And an unlikely place to find a Jedi Master in hiding, or an orphaned infant boy on whose tiny shoulders rests the future of a galaxy.

Star Wars Kenobi TeaserKnown to locals only as “Ben,” the bearded and robed offworlder is an enigmatic stranger who keeps to himself, shares nothing of his past, and goes to great pains to remain an outsider. But as tensions escalate between the farmers and a tribe of Sand People led by a ruthless war chief, Ben finds himself drawn into the fight, endangering the very mission that brought him to Tatooine.

Ben—Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, hero of the Clone Wars, traitor to the Empire, and protector of the galaxy’s last hope—can no more turn his back on evil than he can reject his Jedi training. And when blood is unjustly spilled, innocent lives threatened, and a ruthless opponent unmasked, Ben has no choice but to call on the wisdom of the Jedi—and the formidable power of the Force—in his never-ending fight for justice.

Even though Kenobi is due out nearly two months before Razor’s Edge on August 27th, we are still waiting for a final cover image. It’s also interesting to note that in addition to the stand alone titles fan have been begging for, Del Rey is also starting to explore the time between between the two trilogies and the time between the original movies. With Star Sword of the Jedi TeaserWars Crucible coming out in July and Sword of the Jedi coming out next year (we hope) it seems they are trying to bring some closure to the Fate of the Jedi era and move the focus back toward the original trilogy. Whether or not this was deliberate planning looking toward the Disney sale or just luck, it certainly seems to be well timed. Even if the EU is somewhat rebooted by the new films, there should be a reasonable amount of loose ends tied up.


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