New ‘Doctor Who, The Crimson Horror’ clip ‘Brave heart, Clara!’ has been released


doctor-who-the-crimson-horrorA new clip from this Saturday’s episode of Doctor Who, The Crimson Horror, has been released! The clip is the second released thus far, and likely the last before the episode airs. ‘Brave heart, Clara!’, as the BBC has titled the clip, gives us a unique view of a Who episode: the entire clip is displayed in a grainy, old-school film style.

The clip starts with the Doctor and Clara, both dressed in Victorian-era clothing, exiting the TARDIS. As is usually the case with their travels, the Doctor immediately acknowledges that they didn’t land where he intended — not London, 1983, but Yorkshire, 1983. The Doctor then makes a quip about a “gobby Australian” he once spent a long time trying to get to Heathrow airport. Long time Who fans will recognize this as a reference to Tegan, the companion who traveled with the 4th and 5th Doctor.

The clip ends with a scream and the Doctor saying to Clara, “Brave heart, Clara!”

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Doctor Who‘s The Crimson Horror is set to air this Saturday on the BBC and BBC America!


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