Kelsey Grammer joins the cast of ‘Transformers 4’ as a new human villain


kelsey-grammer-transformers-4Deadline is reporting that Frasier Crane is coming to Transformers 4… that is, Kelsey Grammer, the actor who brought Frasier to life, has signed on to the Transformers reboot/sequel as the film’s main villain. Transformers 4 is Michael Bay’s attempt at rebooting the cast of Transformers without completely starting fresh.

The film will take place four years after the events of Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon, and aims to simplify the movie’s plot. The Transformers are now known to the world, and it’s a safe bet that the film will deal with the ramifications of the alien robots living and fighting alongside humans. Additionally, an entirely new cast has been brought on board. Actor Mark Wahlberg will play the film’s main character and will be joined by actors Jack Reynor, Nicola Peltz, and Stanley Tucci.

In previous Transformer films, the lead villain has always been a Decepticon. Deadline is reporting, however, that Grammer’s role will be that of a human villain. Specifically, he will play Harold Attinger, a counter intelligence agent. The biggest question now is whether the CIA is after the Transformers crew, or if Attinger is a rogue agent with a mean side.

Movie blog ScreenRant has connected the dots in similarities between Grammer’s character and a recently-leaked plot synopsis, which the movie studio behind Transformers 4 asked them to remove. Here’s their summary:

[T]he film’s plot would see businessmen and scientists logically trying to benefit from the alien Cybertronian incursions, attempting to learn from and adapt the technology. It also hints that there may be more events from Earth’s past (beyond Apollo 11) that the Autobots, Decepticons or some other Cybertronian faction may have been involved in, in addition to the Hoover Dam of course.

Transformers 4 has yet to begin filming, but is anticipated to enter production soon, as the film is set for a June 27th, 2014 release!


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