‘Gears of War’ movie inches forward, attaching Scott Stuber to breathe new life into the project


gears-of-war-filmDid you know that the popular Epic Games and Xbox exclusive Gears of War franchise was headed for a live-action debut on the big screen? Yeah, neither did we — until today. The movie is far from entering production, but it’s currently inching forward in pre-production, with Epic attaching a project lead to the stagnant project.

scott-stuber-gears-of-war-filmFilm creator Scott Stuber has been given exclusive rights to develop the film, after New Line opted not to proceed following their purchase of the project rights in 2007. Stuber, known for his work on Identity Thief, Safe House, and 47 Ronin, was chosen by Epic Games to breathe new life into the project. No distributor or director have been chosen for the film, however, Variety is reporting that Stuber has a first-look deal in place with Universal.

Stuber and Epic Games will work together to develop the script before attaching a screenplay writer to move the project forward.

For readers who have never played a Gears of War game, here’s a quick synopsis from Variety:

The videogame story is set on the planet Sera and follows a former P.O.W. who is civilization’s best hope in the fight against the Locust Horde, a race of creatures who emerged from beneath the planet’s surface and are intent on eliminating humankind.

It’s unclear which Gears of War game, if any, the film’s plot will follow, as no information has been released. With the ink on the new adaptation deal still drying, it’s a safe bet that any plot idea is still available, with no concrete decisions having been made.

The film could still be dead in the water, like many other video game adaptations attempted in the past, but Epic Games’ willingness to immediately move beyond New Line seems to indicate that the studio is looking to make this movie happen.

We’ll keep you posted on any news coming in. In the mean time, players looking for a Gears fix can play Gears of War: Judgement, the fourth Gears of War game, which released in March.


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