Casting update announced for ‘The Walking Dead’, Alumn of ‘The Wire’ joins the cast.


the_wire_dangeloLarry Gilliard Jr. will be joining the cast of The Walking Dead. Gilliard, also known for his roles in film such as The Machinist, Gangs of New York, and The Waterboy, is the second alumn from The Wire to join the cast of the zombie series (the first being Chad Coleman who plays Tyreese).

Gilliard has been cast to play the role of Bob Stookey who, in the comic, is a former Army medic who brings the Governor back to health after Michonne tortures him. In the comic, he is portrayed as an alcoholic loner. We can only assume that the his role and the character’s relationship with the Governor will vary since it’s pretty obvious that the show has moved away from the particular story line.

Larry Gilliard Jr. is being brought onto the show as a series regular. This news follows the announcement that Chad Coleman, Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha) and Emily Kinney (Beth) have been upgraded to series regulars as well. It was also announced that the Governor himself, David Morrissey, will be returning as well.


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