More signs point to Robert Downey Jr. saying “so long” to ‘Iron Man’


Iron-Man-Tony-StarkLast week we brought you the sad news that Robert Downey Jr. is considering calling it quits on Iron Man after the franchise’s third installment. Now, thanks to recent comments from Gwyneth Paltro, it seems as though the Iron Man actor is closer to making up his mind — and it isn’t good news.

Speaking with GeekNation at a recent press outing promoting Iron Man 3, Paltro (who plays Pepper Pots in the films) had this to say about Downey Jr.’s return:

I don’t think there’s going to be [an Iron Man 4]. I think we’re done with Iron Man.

So what does this mean? Well, potentially not much. Robert Downey Jr.’s contract with Marvel is up after Iron Man 3, so it isn’t too surprising that this might be it. It would seem as though the actor is definitely set to reprise his role as Iron Man in The Avengers 2, which has yet to begin filming, which would leave fans with at least one more film featuring the iron hero. It’s also entirely possible that he’ll commit to future Marvel films, making cameos here and there as the hero, without starring in new Iron Man movies.

His recent comments, which we reported on last week, seem to indicate that if he does throw in the towel on Iron Man films, he won’t abandon the character entirely:

It (the injury) got me thinking about how big the message from your cosmic sponsor needs to be before you pick it up. How many genre movies can I do? How many follow-ups to a successful follow-up are actually fun? I come from a family of very innovative writers and directors and actors and artists, and the circle of friends they were in were the people I heard having pun-offs playing poker at two in the morning, and it was just the most comforting aspect of my childhood. So there’s this kind of legacy of souls from what I consider to be a very particular time in entertainment, and I’m sensing a return to that.

There’s still plenty of time, and opinions can certainly change. We’d take this news with a grain of salt — it could be a negotiating tactic to get a higher payout from future Marvel films, or the actor could be serious. Either way, we’re sure that if this is the final Iron Man film, it isn’t the last time we’ll see Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man.

Iron Man 3 hits theaters next week!


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