New ‘Thor: The Dark World’ plot reveals and photos emerge!


Iron Man 3 isn’t even here yet, and Marvel is already releasing bits and pieces of the second installment in ‘Phase Two’ of their Cinematic Universe. Hype for the post-Avengers phase of Marvel’s shared movie universe has never been higher, as news outlets are beginning to get interesting tidbits from the studio concerning their latest batch of superhero films. The people at USA Today got their hands on some juicy new photos and details concerning Thor’s second solo adventure, and from what we’ve seen, they promise one hell of a movie. A trailer for the film will also be released this week, on Tuesday, April 23rd.

This time around,  Thor’s got some sucking up to do, having abandoned his love interest Jane Foster and not returning to her soon enough. They are reunited, but things might be sour between the two. Here’s what Chris Hemsworth had to say on the matter:

“Thor still has lot of explaining to do, and a lot of making up. Even demigods end up in the doghouse, mate. So none of us is safe.”

This poses the question: Is Thor in deeper water with Jane Foster or Malekith the Accursed? That won’t be answered until the film’s release on November 8th, but for now, enjoy these new photos!






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