Deadliest Warrior: ‘Game of Thrones Edition’ (“Episode” 3)


Aaah, Westeros: George R. R. Martin’s magical land where the assholes get everything and the nice guys end up with their heads on stakes. As you’ve already guessed from my oh-so-colorful language, the land where the hit show Game of Thrones takes place is not the ideal spot to purchase real estate. In fact, judging from the show’s track record, you’re lucky if you hit thirty. So what’s the upside of this? Well, in a cutthroat world of murderers and liars, it’s either kill or be killed. As a result, many of the show’s central characters are extremely deadly fighters.

As we’ve examined in our previous installments of “Deadliest Warrior: Game of Thrones Edition,” there are many characters who would fare better in one-on-one combat than others, especially if pitted against one another. But we haven’t examined what would happen if the creatures of Westeros battled it out. So this time we’ll be putting Ghost(Jon Snow’s wolf) and Summer(Bran’s wolf)  vs. Daenerys Targaryen’s three young dragons. At this point in the show. it’d be a fair fight. Yes, the dragons are, well, dragons, and may be seen as vastly superior to Summer and Ghost. However, as of the show’s third season, they are roughly the same size, if not even a bit smaller, than the wolves featured in the show. But who really has the better odds? Read on to find out!

Situation: Daenerys has invaded Westeros, and her dragons come across Summer and Ghost. A battle ensues.

Team Jacob….. I mean Summer and Ghost


The main asset these two wolves have is their unbeatable speed. If they could each rush at the dragons and pull one down before they took to the air, the fight would be won in seconds. Sure, that would leave one dragon alive, but one juvenile dragon isn’t going to last very long against two healthy dire wolves.

We also have to take their size into account. Because they are so big, they won’t go down so easily, making them hardy and persistent fighters. And after seeing Summer rip Bran’s would-be assassin apart in Season 1, I’d say the dragons have quite a bit to worry about.


Despite their incredible speed and impressive size, Summer and Ghost could fall to the dragons in a number of scenarios. If the dragons can get in the air before being torn to shreds by the wolves and start relentlessly raining fire upon them, eventually their foes will succumb. A second scenario would involve the dragons taking to the air and darting around spouting flames at their adversaries below. If that happens, the wolves are done.

So it all comes down to the wolves being trapped on the ground. It’s cheap, but the fact that the wolves lack wings limits their range and their effectiveness against their airborne foes. Damn it, gravity.

Daenerys’ Badass Dragons


Let’s start with the obvious one. They are f—ing dragons! They can fly, breathe fire, and wreak havoc however they please. Seriously, what can’t they go up against?

In Episode 4 of Season 3, her dragon fries one of Dany’s enemy with a well-timed blast of fire, giving the characters(and viewers, for that matter) a taste of their potential.

Their scales also need to be taken into account. If a wolf were to sink its teeth into one of the dragon’s scales, it might wound the beast, but probably wouldn’t be fatal. And even if the wolves did puncture the scales, it would take a bit longer, giving the dragon a chance to bite back.

All in all, Dany’s dragons are professional ass-kickers, and will not be easily beaten.


As mentioned before, should the dragons land and be caught by surprise by Ghost or Summer, they are done. The wolves would tear them apart. It might take a few minutes to get past the scales, but at this point the dragons are so much smaller that it wouldn’t take too long.

The wolves are definitely faster and older than the dragons, giving them a slight edge they wouldn’t have otherwise.


If you think about it, the only way the wolves could do any damage to the dragons would be if the dragons were not airborne. This is not likely to happen, so the fight would go to the dragons. The wolves would be unstoppable if they could fly, but obviously that’s not an option for them. Looks like Dany will take back Westeros after all.













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