Zombieland Series on Amazon may not be great, but shows promise



Anyone who has ever sat down and watched a zombie movie with me knows that I am fairly forgiving to any film about my favorite brain munching shamblers. Unless the movie is a completely unforgivable train wreck, I usually am able to identify a few fun parts or gruesome ones. With the film Zombieland (and even the low budget mockery of that film: Stripperland), I had a fun time with new takes on surviving the end of the world due to zombies or strippers. The characters were engaging and the story line was intriguing.

So, I turned on the pilot of Amazon’s Zombieland, but so far it doesn’t offer much to someone looking for a direct continuation of the original film. The characters (none of the original stars have returned to fill their roles) are almost caricatures of the original characters. Other than the little girl, the other characters are pretty much the dumbest people ever. Tallahassee is a giant child who throws giant temper tantrums. Columbus is even more annoying (to the point of looking at parenthood books and asking Wichita awkward questions about honeymoons). Wichita is completely untrusting of all humanity. The little girl (Little Rock)  is the only character that seems to be close to the one in the movie.

Now, I do have to say that there was a lot of fun in the show.   The cast had a fun chemistry that kept the pace of the show moving. Even when it was evident that the 4 will NEVER learn from their mistakes, it was still enjoyable. The budding romance between Columbus and Wichita helps to create another focus separated from the ever present threat of the undead.

While I wasn’t entirely in love with the pilot, it did show some promise. I will definitely check out the next episodes and I hope that they bring even more to the table.


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