What wish are you making for the season finale of Once Upon a Time?


Once Upon A TimeTonight brings us the beginning of the end on Once Upon a Time…the end of the season anyway. I’ll be covering these last four episodes and trying to keep up with all the amazing tidbits the show is tossing us right now. But I also thought it’d be fun to look back over this season a little. Here’s my thoughts and theories about what I’d like to see in the season finale. Next week, I’ll look at the best and worse moments for all the main characters. Obviously, these things are somewhat biased, so I would love to hear your thoughts as well!

As Season Two concludes, I’d like to see a bookend to Season One with Regina being the person under a curse/incapacitated this time around. I’ve been hoping for this since seeing the finale last year and based on the previews and teases, it’s still possible. My original hope was that Henry would be the one to wake her, but given their rocky relationship this season, I’m having to revise my theory a bit. Here’s the two new possibilities I’ve dreamed up.

LANA PARRILLA, GINNIFER GOODWINSnow’s darkened heart finally gives these two enough common ground to start a reconciliation. We know that for many years, Snow loved Regina as her stepmother, and there certainly seems to be some hints that Regina returned that affection if for a much a shorter time. I’d love to see the two come to a point in these final four episodes where Snow is the one who extends “true love” to Regina, waking her and healing her own heart at the same time. However, like with Henry, they’d have to cover a lot of ground in the next episodes. To be honest, Snow’s manipulation of Regina was one of the most heartless things I’ve seen in a while, and I know if it were me, there’d need to be several seasons before a reconciliation was possible.

Which leaves me with my favorite theory. Ever since Season One, I’ve wanted to see Regina become something of a mentor to Emma. The two work so well as foils because they have a great deal in common. With Emma struggling to come to terms with the fairy tale world and find her place in it, Regina seems a logic choice to start showing her the ropes. They would get to keep their repartees that make up so much of the show’s great dialog, Emma would have someone to learn from whom she doesn’t have to worry about disappointing, and Regina would start find her own way back while trying to keep Emma off the path that led her to being the Evil Queen. With the reveal that Emma has magic, I still think this plot has great potential. I would love to see the two of them forming an alliance against Owen and Tamara, and Emma using her lessons in magic to protect/heal the former queen. Very neat and tidy, sort of like Harry Potter using the first spell Snape taught him to defeat Voldemort in the end.

So what’s your best idea — or craziest? Either works! And if you’ve forgotten that show’s back tonight and curious what’s up (frankly, I didn’t think the last episode was one of their best) check out the promo for Lacey! It looks like Once Upon A Time is planing on finishing the season with vengeance. Also, yay for Robin Hood!


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