Fresh from the Slab Horror Movie News April 21, 2013: Cold Prey II, Mr. Jones, Victoria’s Exorcism


Your favorite horror movie update is back and better than ever! Take a peek below!

Cold Prey II

The sequel to the Norwegian slasher film Cold Prey will be hitting US shelves on April 23. Two trailers have been released in anticipation of the release date and you can check them out here. The first clip shows our killer putting a fire extinguisher to a…let’s say…use other than for what it was intended. The second clip the killer is faced with a dilema. Which weapon to wreck bloody havoc?

During the winter in 2006 four youths faced a brutal death in the Norwegian mountains of Jotunheimen. Only one woman named Jannicke survived. Frozen and weak, Jannicke is brought to the local hospital, along with the body of the vicious mountain man whom she’d killed. But when she wakes up in the hospital, the building is dark and deserted… and she soon realizes that her nightmare is not yet over.


Mr. Jones

Scheduled to be shown at the Tribeca Film Festival, a clip for the film has finally been released.

 Directed by Karl Mueller (writer of The Divide and the upcoming Where the Devil Hides), the film concerns Scott (Jon Foster) who is a filmmaker in need of inspiration. He and his girlfriend Penny move into a desolate house hoping to make a breakthrough. Then they discover their neighbor, the elusive Mr. Jones. Famous for his haunting sculptures, Mr. Jones has remained a mystery to the world. Scott and Penny, convinced that they have found the perfect film subject, sneak into his workshop and realize that their curiosity may have chilling consequences. Who is Mr. Jones?


Victoria’s Exorcism

There have been a multitude of possession/exorcism movies, and here is another one. I’m not sure what I think yet, but I am always hopeful. Take a peek and let me know your thoughts!

Victoria’s Exorcism is a story about a young girl and her family as they go through a horrifying reality while she becomes possessed by demonic forces.

Throughout the film we experience the ways a family deals with situations beyond their control and how they fight to overcome them. The story is filled with both intense emotion as well as a bone-tingling fear that will keep you at the edge of your seats.
Only when the possession takes place does the family bond get stronger and the relationships between them get tested to their limits.



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