‘Heroes’ might be coming back for a fifth season on Xbox/MSN, reports suggest


heroesTV Line is reporting that Microsoft is in early talks to revive Heroes, NBC’s formerly-massive superhero drama which ended amid low ratingsĀ  and an unhappy audience after only four seasons. It’s important to note that anything can happen during “early talks”, so nothing is set in stone, but it’s an interesting development nonetheless. Leading the talks between NBC and Microsoft is former NBC executive Jada Miranda, now working for Microsoft’s Xbox entertainment branch.

Heroes was rating gold for NBC when its first season in 2006, but bland storylines and too many characters are factors which contributed to the show’s massive ratings decline. The show was forced off the air in its fourth season. How would a revival of Heroes work? Reports suggest that Microsoft would keep the show’s core concepts the same, but replace the original series’ characters with a new cast and new stories. TV Line is reporting that the show would “mix in cameos from the original series’ cast (schedules and interest permitting)”.

It’s an interesting idea, but we’re not sure how far it’ll get in “early talks”. The show had a lot of promise and potential, and if the new show runners (or the old, if they rejoined the project) were able to harness what made the show’s first season so special, Xbox/MSN might have a re-hashed hit on their hands.

How do you feel about a potential Heroes comeback?


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  • imstillhungry95

    Hmmm, It would seem to me that Microsoft would be better off either coming up with some original programing, or one that didn’t end quite so poorly

  • Aaron Savage

    I loved the show heroes and honestly the first and second season was very good. I did however enjoy seeing Syler turn into a good character. with a TV series like this whatever concepts they had in that first and second season they should stick with for the entire show series. keeping the show heroes entertaining to the fans would not have been that hard and I know for an absolute fact I could do a better job reinventing the series. since your own went off the air I have already written 12 episodes of my own. too bad Hollywood does not recognize the ones that have the mind to keep the show going. http://www.facebook.com/AaronZacharySavage