First trailer and show pilot for Amazon Prime’s ‘Zombieland’ television show hit the web


zombieland-tv-series-amazon-primeThe first trailer for Amazon’s Zombieland television show has finally hit the web alongside the show’s pilot, which is now available for streaming on Amazon. Surprisingly, the trailer looks a bit disappointing. Amazon picked up the rights to develop a television series based on the the hit 2009 zombie comedy starring Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, and Emma Stone, which the online retail giant will offer exclusively on its Amazon Prime streaming service.

None of the film’s cast is returning for the series, but the characters will remain the same. As we previously reported, Actor Tyler Ross (Nate & Margaret) is Columbus (originally played by Jesse Eisenberg); Maiara Walsh (The Vampire Diaries) is Wichita, originally played by Emma Stone; actress Izabela Vidovic (Find Me) is Little Rock, originally played by Abigail Breslin; and actor Kirk Ward is Tallahassee, originally played by Woody Harrelson.

Fans of the movie who were looking forward to the series might be a bit disappointed. It’s clear that the show’s runners were hoping to carry over a lot of the quirks and comedy that made Zombieland unique, and in some cases, they may be successful. Where it seems to fail, however, is in how it looks: not good. The trailer comes off as a low-budget, fan-made trailer more than an actual trailer for a television show. We’re hoping that Amazon has more than the movie’s reputation to stand on here, but the trailer has us worried.

Here’s the trailer:

The show’s pilot is only available for Amazon Prime subscribers. Let us know what you think of the trailer and the show!


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