Disney confirms ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ will release in summer 2015, with a new Star Wars film releasing every year after that


star-wars-vii-disneyLots of news has been pouring out of Las Vegas’ CinemaCon, but nothing quite as big as today’s Star Wars announcement! Earlier today, Disney announced that Star Wars: Episode VII will hit theaters in summer 2015, confirming initial reports and speculation surrounding the Star Wars‘ film’s release.

Bigger news: Disney has stated that it intends to release a new Star Wars film every year. This news can go both ways; on one hand, it’s been so long since we’ve had a proper Star Wars film, leading us to say, “the more, the merrier!” On the other hand, we’re a bit concerned that pumping films out that frequently may undermine the franchise’s quality and over-saturate fans.

We won’t be seeing a new “numbered film” every year. Instead, ComingSoon.net is reporting that Disney will rotate between “numbered” films (example, Star Wars: Episode IV) and those stand-alone films we reported on a few weeks back. We’ll see Star Wars: Episode IV in 2015, followed by a standalone film in 2016.

So far, the only news released regarding Episode VII, aside from a release date, is that Star Trek and LOST‘s J.J. Abrams will be directing. It seems as though pre-production news, including casting announcements, will start pouring in soon if Disney hopes to stay on track for a summer 2015 release. We’ll keep you updated!


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