Deadliest Warrior: Game of Thrones Edition (“Episode” 2)


We’ve analyzed the outcome of a fight between the vicious Sandor Clegane and the deadly Brienne of Tarth, so who’s next? This week, we are going to pit brother against brother. Imagine a fight between the noble Robb Stark and his outcast brother, the heroic Jon Snow. This would never happen, but humor us just for a moment. Who would win? Like last week, we will be looking at the strengths and weaknesses of each character and making a decision based on who we think has the better odds. Read on for a detailed analysis of each character, followed by a verdict!

Situation: Robb and Jon are home safe in Winterfell, and a combat competition is currently being held. Feeling confident, Robb challenges Jon to a duel. John accepts.

GameOfThrones-KitHarington-630-jpg_202506Jon Snow


Jon Snow has been underestimated his entire life. Between being referred to as “Ned Stark’s bastard’ and being a hated reminder of his father’s infidelity during the war, Jon has always felt a need to prove that he is more than he appears.

Despite his bumbling nature, Jon Snow has proved himself to be a formidable warrior. He trains at the Wall, besting many of his companions and even his friends. In the final episode of Season 2, Jon is pitted against his fellow Night’s Watch member Qhorin Halfhand, defeating and killing him in single combat. When you couple that with his strong desire to prove himself, you get a warrior who isn’t easily defeated.


When taking a close look at Jon Snow, it’s easy to notice his hesitant, nervous nature. His hesitancy is particularly obvious when he captures the feisty wildling woman Ygritte. He takes her prisoner for a short period of time before she fools him and gets him captured by her people. He lives, but only through sheer luck. In a fight, even a friendly one against his brother, taking even one extra second for internal debate  would send him to his knees faster than he could blink.

Jon is extremely capable in combat, but his lack of confidence would be his downfall.

Robb-3x03Robb Stark


One of the key players in the war for the Iron Throne and the capable son of the late Ned Stark, Robb has proved time and again that he is a powerful leader and a skilled warrior. He spends much of Seasons 2 and 3 traveling Westeros, destroying his enemies and establishing himself as a strong and feared leader. Confident, decisive, and a gifted strategist, Robb has an edge over his brother, who lacks most of those qualities.

We hear of Robb’s conquests mostly through sources that are miles away, but we still get a sense of the tight grip the young Stark has on his foes. So far in the show, this grip has yet to loosen.

These qualities would serve him well in a competition against Jon Snow, and would almost ensure his victory.


While Robb’s odds in this situation are incredibly favorable, he does have setbacks that might give his brother the win. The most likely reason he might lose concerns his pity for his cast-out brother. Hated by his mother and scorned by his peers, Jon hasn’t had it easy. Because of this, Robb might fear humiliating his brother.

While his confidence is a huge asset, it could also be a hindrance. Underestimating an opponent is potentially deadly, and Robb’s cockiness after winning as many battles as he has might lead to his defeat at Jon’s hands.


Ned Stark’s sons are both good swordsmen, but at this point in the show, the one most likely to go home as the winner is Robb. He’s confident, brazen, and calculated in his decisions, and has had more experience on the battlefield than Jon. That’s not to say that Jon doesn’t have the chops to beat his brother, it just means that where both characters are at right now in the show, Robb would come away the victor.

Who do you all think would win in this situation? Fire away in the comments section!




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