First trailer for ‘Catching Fire’, sequel to ‘The Hunger Games’, hits the web!


hunger-games-catching-fire-trailerIt’s the moment Hunger Games fans have been waiting the past year for: the first trailer for Catching Fire, the second film in the Hunger Games series, has hit the web! The hugely-teased trailer was the focus of this week’s promotional still campaign leading up to its premiere during tonight’s MTV Movie Awards!

Unlike typical teaser trailers, the Catching Fire teaser trailer actually reveals a huge amount of content, but shies away from revealing any content from the second half of the film.

The trailer starts off with Peeta and Katniss being introduced to the residents of District 11 following their victory in the Hunger Games. We’re quickly shown that those who Katniss used to share a home with now view her as a symbol of hope, something that clearly bothers President Snow. The trailer continues to cut between President Snow and Head Gamemaker Plutarch Heavesbee, both discussing what to do with Katniss now that she’s openly humiliated the Capitol. The end of the trailer shows a riot erupting among the citizens of District 11.

Check out the full teaser trailer:

What do you think of what we’ve seen so far? Are you excited for Catching Fire?


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