The C.W.’s ‘Cult’ cancelled, remaining episodes left in limbo


cult-tv-show-cancelledThe C.W.’s ‘Cult’ was an ambitious — perhaps too ambitious — show exploring the dark world of cults cropping up around a fictitious TV series called Cult (getting a bit meta here!). The show revolved around a blogger and production assistant from the series investigating mysterious crimes happening around the series.

Despite an ambitious plot and promising storyline, the show launched to mixed reviews and failed to gain the traction needed to stay alive. On top of this, Cult performed abysmally in the ratings, making it hard for The C.W. to justify keeping the show on the air. The channel finally pulled the trigger on the show this week, opting to end the show mid-season, despite having ordered a full 13 episode run. Unfortunately for fans of the show, this move leaves the remaining six episodes (all of which are already filmed and ready to air) in limbo.

The C.W. will be running The Carrie Diaries and Oh Sit! re-runs in the show’s time slot and has made no announcement as to whether or not Cult fans can expect to see the remaining episodes featured on their website. We’ll keep you up to date with any news regarding the remaining episodes!


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