‘Brave’ director Mark Andrews discusses a potential ‘Brave 2’, hints at new characters


brave-new2Pixar is known for taking its time with sequels — see Finding Nemo, a 2003 film for which a sequel was only just announced. Now the director of Brave, Mark Andrews, is already discussing a possible sequel to the 2012 Pixar film.

The success of Pixar, both in the box office and award shows (the film won an Oscar for Best Animated Film), makes the idea of a sequel a no-brainer. But it isn’t as easy as giving the go-ahead; years of planning and development go into animated films. Brave was in production for nearly six years before its release in 2012.

Andrews is also aware that making a sequel for the sake of making a sequel is not a smart move. Instead, the director is waiting for the right story to come to him and his team before moving ahead:

If we got the right story it would be fun – to get the gang back together again, add a few more new characters and find out what other Scottish talents are out there that might want to do a animated fun.

His response makes it clear that the sequel has been highly thought out. They’ll be working hard to introduce new characters and new locations, and the search for a good story is undoubtedly under way.

The director was quick to remind fans that Pixar isn’t in the market of making movies to launch franchises, saying:

I don’t know if there will be another one. We never make a film at Pixar to have a sequel. […] It is always nice when you do and we kind of have a philosophy that if we find the right story then we will.

Time will tell as to whether or not Pixar will move ahead with a sequel. As for Andrews, he’s hard at work on another project, but remains tight-lipped on details, other than to mention that it’s an original film written and directed by him.

We’ll keep you updated on any news that comes from Pixar in the coming months!

[Via Scotsman.com]


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