New set photos and potential spoilers surface from today’s filming of the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who!


IMG_22962013 marks the 50th anniversary of the long-running British scifi show, Doctor Who! To celebrate the occasion, the team behind the current New Who reboot has been releasing media of all forms, from e-books to audio episodes, and a 50th anniversary television special!

Cast and crew both new and old will be coming back for an appearance in the episode, slated to release later this year. It was recently confirmed that David Tennant, the 10th Doctor, would be returning, although his role in the episode remains unknown. Little information about the special’s plot has been revealed, but Matt Smith did give fans one clue: “paintings”.

The cast and crew were out in London earlier today for a very public bout of filming, taking place at familiar landmarks such as Trafalgar Square, the Tower of London, and the National Gallery. Doctor Who blog “Blogtor Who” was at the set and managed to capture a wide range of photos from the shoot (below). Set reports detail specific dialogue between characters:

During the scene, featuring Jenna-Louise Coleman and Jemma Redgrave in the car pictured, Clara could be heard to ask, “What about the Doctor?” whilst Kate Stewart could be seen mentioning, “the Unified Intelligence Taskforce.”

Cast dressed as UNIT soldiers were on hand “guarding” the National Gallery during scenes filmed out front. Jemma Redgrave was photographed on set and is back as Kate Stewart, and actress Ingrid Oliver was also photographed filming scenes while wearing the fourth Doctor’s famous scarf. Both were interviewed for the BBC’s official behind-the-scenes videos.

Matt Smith was seen dangling from the TARDIS while Clara was watching from the open door (later shots show that the higher-up bits were filmed with stunt doubles), which had been lifted off of the ground by a giant claw — later revealed to be UNIT “capturing” him and the TARDIS.

The BBC officially released two videos regarding today’s filming. The first is a field report from Strax, detailing the Doctor’s “appearance” at Trafalgar Square before showing some behind-the-scenes footage from the day’s filming, as well as a brief interview with Matt Smith:

A second video released by the BBC shows even more behind-the-scenes of their filming at the Tower of London and features interviews with cast members Jenna-Louise Coleman, Jemma Redgrave, and Ingrid Oliver:

Blogtor Who managed to snag some pictures from filming at the National Gallery:

[Photos via Blogtor Who]


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