‘StarCraft: Ghost’ was never cancelled, could still be in the works, says Blizzard


starcraft-ghost-novaStarCraft: Ghost has held a special place in many gamers’ hearts since the unfortunate news nearly a decade ago that the title, Blizzard’s first fullscale foray into the world of shooters and console gaming, was put on “indefinite hold” over eight years ago. But now, Blizzard’s Matthew Burger has rekindled our hopes with the following statement during an interview with the Official PlayStation Magazine:

“StarCraft Ghost is on hold. It has never been cancelled.”

Will the game ever happen? “Maybe,” Burger replied. And it doesn’t seem like that’s completely out of the realm of possibility, with Blizzard now showing that they’re eyeing the console gaming market with their upcoming release of Diablo 3 for PlayStation 3 and 4.

StarCraft: Ghost was planned to be a “military science fiction stealth-action video game”, the first of its kind for Blizzard. It would function as a standalone game in the StarCraft universe, rather than an expansion or sequel to Blizzard’s StarCraft RTS games. The game was announced in 2002 and faced numerous production delays before it was announced that the game was scrapped in 2006.

Blizzard is notorious for taking its time developing its video games — a reputation which has lead to the massive success of various game launches within its three popular franchises. If StarCraft: Ghost is in fact back in development, it’s likely we won’t see or hear any news on the title for quite a while. But there may be hope!

We’ll keep you updated as more information comes in.


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