WonderCon 2013: DC Comics-The New 52 Panel(Part 2)


Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV, the writers of Batman and Talon, respectively, whet our appetites with previews of what’s coming up for their characters, and now it’s James Robinson’s turn to make us hungry for more. Robinson, along with Nightwing writer Kyle Higgins, Catwoman writer Ann Nocenti, Detective Comics writer John Layman, All-Star Western writer Jimmy Palmiotti, and The Flash writer Brian Buccellato, provide fans with exclusive, in-depth looks at upcoming stories for their characters. The panel was chock-full of goodies for DC fans of any interest, making this an event you want to attend while at the convention.

Earth_Two_Vol_1-13_Cover-1_TeaserEarth 2

Earth 2 has been one of the riskiest and most most rewarding titles of the New 52. James Robinson creates a rich world full of intriguing characters, incredible, adrenaline pumping action, and new takes on classic heroes. So when he comes forward and discusses this latest project, the crowd goes nuts. “Issue #13 will introduce Captain Steel, one of the World Army Wonders,” Robinson explains excitedly. “Many pieces of the puzzle are being laid down for a major event at the end of 2014.” At this, the crowd falls into shivering silence, waiting for him to go on. “Oh, and the Annual introduces Earth 2 Batman.”

Earth 2 is definitely one of the hottest titles in the New 52, and Robinson’s remarks on the series sends the crowd into fits of excitement. What does he have in store? What event is coming next year? We’ll just have to wait and see….


It’s time for Kyle Higgins to shine, and that he does. He starts off by proclaiming his love for the character, saying, “Nightwing is my favorite DC character. Has been since I was thirteen or fourteen years old. It’s a real thrill to write him.”

Then he dives right in, revealing the cover for issue #21 and explaining that soon, Dick Grayson will be traveling to Chicago to face Tony Zucco. For those who aren’t familiar with Grayson’s past, Zucco killed his parents while they were performing in the circus. Now, Grayson seeks out his parents’ killer.

As to what actually ends up transpiring between these two enemies, we’ll just have to wait until #21 hits shelves in two months.

Catwoman and Katana

Writer Ann Nocenti’s understanding of Catwoman as a character is immediately evident. Explaining that Catwoman functions on a”different sense of honor” than, say, Superman or Wonder Woman, Nocenti calls her “broken.”

After revealing the cover to Catwoman #21, she goes on to briefly discuss her other project, Katana. The only thing she says is that the titular character will meet “an ancient warrior, at a weapons convention.”

Like all of her fellow creators before her, she encourages the audience to pick up her books to see what happens for themselves.

Detective Comics

John Layman is a rising star at DC, and the audience response to his part of the panel only confirms that. He teases Detective Comics #19, which, in celebration of the 900th issue of Detective Comics, is advertised as an 80-page spectacular. He describes it as “a meaty read,” and “something you’ll want to sit down and take your time on.”

Not much else is said, other than the usual suggestion to pick up the book, and a heartfelt thanks to everyone keeping up with it.

2943233-batwing_cv21_1h80tsluce_Batwing and All-Star Western

Jimmy Palmiotti, the writer of All-Star Western and Batwing, begins by discussing the latter, teasing, “we are going international with the character. He’ll be in places you’d never expect.”

In addition to unveiling the cover to #21, Palmiotti lets it slip that #20 will introduce a new Batwing. Beyond that, though, not much else is said. Batwing is one of the less popular titles in the New 52, so the audience response to it was lukewarm at best.

“With All-Star Western, we’ll be getting into wild territory for a while,” Palmiotti says, continuing at breakneck speed. “There’ll be a guest star and lots of exciting things coming.”

All-Star Western failed to pick up speed when The New 52 launched in 2011, and it still hasn’t had much of a following. Despite that, Palmiotti seems enthusiastic about the title, and says “it can only get better from here.”

The Flash

Currently one of the most popular books in The New 52, The Flash has introduced readers to villains such as Gorilla Grodd, the Weather Wizard, and many more. Now, Flash’s most dangerous enemy yet surfaces, and things can only get worse for The Fastest Man Alive.

Brian Buccellato, co-writer of The Flash, speaks up about his hit title, announcing a Reverse Flash arc that begins in issue #20. He then goes on to divulge some juicy information about the next Annual. A Flash and Green Lantern team-up? YES PLEASE!


Superman-21Scott Lobdell, the current writer of Superman, reveals the cover to Superman #21, on which we see Hector Hammond(what?) garbed in Superman’s costume.

Lobdell says, “So, you may be wondering why Hector Hammond is on the cover of a Superman book. He’s not a Superman villain, right? Well, after this story, you’re going to believe he’s a Superman villain.”

Hector Hammond in a Superman comic? It’s odd, yes, but at the same time it’s also an interesting direction to take.


Well, that’s it for the DC panel! Let us know what you thought in the comments section!



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