WonderCon 2013: DC Comics-The New 52 Panel(Part 1)


And the coverage continues! DC Entertainment’s top talents converged on the stage this afternoon to deliver exciting news surrounding some of the company’s most popular comics. And they did just that.  Scott Snyder(current writer of Batman), John Layman(current writer of Detective Comics), James Robinson(writer of Earth 2), Ann Nocenti(the writer for Catwoman and Katana), Kyle Higgins(current writer for Nightwing), Scott Lobdell(current Superman writer), Jimmy Palmiotti(All-Star Western writer), and Brian Buccellato(co-writer of The Flash), and James Tynion IV(writer of Talon) each revealed a bit about what’s in store for their respective stories, giving a thrilled audience an idea of the direction the DC Universe is taking. Due to the vast amount of news obtained during the panel, we will be splitting the article into two parts. This part, which covers the first thirty minutes or so, contains announcements from Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV, both of whom had several titles to tease.

Batman-Zero Year

comics-batman-21-zero-year-artworkSnyder kicks off the panel by describing Batman-Zero Year as a “punk rock take on Batman’s origin.” Starting with issue 21, readers will be treated to a new take on Batman’s origin story, a story that, as Snyder puts it himself, “we want to be surprising and new.” He goes on to say, “You might hate it,” hinting that the story is drastically different than we might like. The structure of the arc is “one giant adventure divided into chapters, or significant moments in Batman’s life.”

Despite Snyder’s comment about fans possibly hating the story, the room explodes into applause as soon as he stopped talking. Whatever he has planned, his fans seem to be on board 100%.

Superman Unchained

Feeding off of his audience’s strong reaction to Batman-Zero Year, Snyder plows onward, giving us a sneak peek at his collaboration with superstar artist Jim Lee, Superman Unchained. Claiming that it’s “the Superman story I’d do if I was given only one chance,” Snyder revealed that the book will focus on how difficult it is to be Superman and how the character struggles when the world doesn’t always reward good deeds.

Without hesitation, Snyder dives right in to issue #1, letting slip that Superman is fighting a brand new villain who makes him look “small.” One of Jim Lee’s sketches was displayed on the big screen to the left of the panel, allowing us a brief glimpse at the anticipated first issue.

He wraps up saying that he is “really nervous, really excited about it,” and sincerely thanked the fans for sticking with the characters.


Big things are coming for Calvin Rose, everyone’s favorite assassin-turned-hero, and DC gives fans an exclusive look at the road ahead. TALON_Cv9_R1_tny58w7npj_James Tynion kicks off his part in the panel by claiming that with Talon #9, “we are reaching a major climax.” Events that have been transpiring since issue #1 are finally starting to wrap up, and Tynion claims that an “incredibly dangerous figure” will surface soon. That figure is none other than Bane, one of Batman’s greatest adversaries and the only one who “broke” him. He also announces an encounter with the Birds of Prey, to which the crowd responded enthusiastically.

Red Hood and the Outlaws

Tynion continues, moving on to another title he’s working on, Red Hood and the Outlaws. He reveals the cover to issue 21, and explains what type of story readers can expect from the pages within. He calls it “one of the few true adventure books in the New 52. There’s cosmic craziness, modern espionage, and a big story that gets to the heart of the characters.”

Tynion closes by encouraging readers to pick up Red Hood #19 when it hits shelves later this month. Immediately after Tynion falls silent, James Robinson, writer of Earth 2, begins.

We hope you liked our coverage of the panel, and invite you to check out Part 2 of the panel. Stay tuned! It will be posted soon!








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