How do you pluralize Doctor Who?


10th Doctor Doctors Who? Doctor Whos? Doctors Whom? They say you never forget your first Doctor. Legions of devoted Doctor Who fans embrace each regeneration of the character while harboring a wish to see “their” doctor back. And some of us are about to get that wish.

Rumors have been flying about the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who coming up here this spring, and like all rumors they’ve ranged from clever to cringe worthy. However, our first official bit of news falls firmly in the celebratory category. Both David Tennant and Billie Piper will be returning to their roles of 10th Doctor and Rose! I admit that I was/am unsure about the idea of having multiple incarnations of the Doctor all together simply because I can’t fathom how they’re going to explain that one. But if it means Tennant redonning his duster and pocketing his Sonic, I’m not sure I care (go ahead, guess who my first Doctor was!) and many fans are expressing the same opinion.

Tennant and PiperThe announcement also shared that John Hurt is confirmed for the same episode and recent news addressed the rumors of Matt Smith’s leaving at the end of season with the reassurance that he’ll be around for Season 8.

So how about it? Will it be good to see another Doctor back in action or would it be better to let the past go?



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