WonderCon 2013: Superman Unbound Premiere Panel Discussion


WonderCon 2013 is in full swing, and the first day has officially wrapped up. Right before closing its doors for the night, however, DC Entertainment supermanunbound1312012treated a host of lucky fans to an advance screening of Superman: Unbound, the latest DC Animated feature. An in-depth Q and A with stars Matt Bomer(Superman),Molly Quinn(Supergirl), director James Tucker, screenwriter Bob Goodman, and casting director Andrea Romano followed, giving attendees valuable insight into the film and everyone involved.

Q(directed at Goodman): You also wrote the script for The Dark Knight Returns. What were the differences and challenges of these two projects?

A: I actually wrote this one first. It was the first animated movie that I wrote. Both projects are adaptations, but The Dark Knight Returns contained more dense material. With Superman Unbound, I had my work cut out for me. Geoff Johns paved a great highway, so the challenge was expanding it rather than fitting it like with The Dark Knight Returns.

Q(directed at Tucker): Given that Bruce Timm is taking a break from making DC movies, do you have any idea about how you want to approach the DCU? What direction do you want to take?

A: It’s not just about Superman, Batman, and all those mainstream characters. We want to focus on an array of characters. That’s what we’ve always tried to do, and will continue to do.

Q(directed at Bomer): Matt, were you excited to get this part?

A: Absolutely. Playing him in any medium was a dream come true. It was such a blast. I really got into it physically too. They laughed at me because I knocked mics over, got real crazy while playing the part.

Q( directed at Quinn): How do you relate to Supergirl?

A:  It was so much fun to play a teen who can fly and fight a warlord. I really related to the fact that she is so headstrong.

Q(directed at Romano): Any thoughts on John Noble?

A: He is so elegant, so wise. He brings humanity to Brainiac, which is remarkable to me given that the character is anything but human.

Q(directed back to Bomer): One last question for Matt. Were you aware of all the other actors who’ve done this before?

A: It’s always in the back of my head. I just  focus on the version of that character within that story, but I still always keep it in the back of my head.

Other tidbits dropped at the premiere include what audiences can expect at San Diego Comic-Con this summer, as well as the juicy piece of news that DC has three animated films slated for release in 2014(there was a brief hint that Aquaman might show up soon!).

We hope you enjoyed this first piece of coverage from the convention floor! Stay tuned for more coverage tomorrow!



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