Season 3, Episode 14 of ‘The Walking Dead’ Prey: Not much from the prison, but a whole lot of shaking going down in Woodbury.


Well folks, we are down to the last two episodes of The Walking Dead and we have so much to talk about. First, let’s check out this week’s episode in review (summary from Once you have finished reading, let’s talk about our thoughts. Before we start, let’s begin this article with a familiar warning: [SPOILERS]

In a flashback, Andrea and Michonne warm themselves by a campfire. Andrea asks Michonne about her pet walkers. “They deserved what they got,” Michonne says. “They weren’t human to begin with.”

In present-day Woodbury, the Governor bolts the pets’ chains to the wall of the interrogation room, smiling to himself as he tests their reach.

Meanwhile, Andrea and Milton watch as Martinez loads a stockpile of guns onto a truck. “I thought there was a deal on the table,” Andrea says. “I’m sure it’s just a precaution,” Milton replies.

Back in the interrogation room, the Governor lays out tools on a table beside an old dentist chair. Milton urges him to reconsider his vendetta against Michonne, but the Governor insists on avenging Penny. “It’s all that matters,” says the Governor.

Later, Milton divulges to Andrea that the Governor will kill everyone at the prison whether or not he gets Michonne. He takes Andrea to the second level of the interrogation building and shows her the Governor’s torture chamber through a grate in the wall.

The Governor enters the chamber. Andrea aims her gun at him, but Milton wrenches it away. “I knew Phillip before he became the Governor,” Milton says later. “That man still exists.” Andrea declares she’s leaving to warn Rick.

On the street, Martinez orders Andrea to relinquish her gun per the Governor’s orders. The Governor approaches and explains he wants to protect Andrea from the violence. He asks her to accompany him to the rendezvous with Rick the next day, and she agrees.

the-walking-dead-preyAfterward, Andrea approaches Tyreese and Sasha as they’re guarding the wall, and tries to lure them away. When they refuse, she confesses that she’s leaving Woodbury. “The Governor is not what he seems to be,” she warns before fleeing.

The Governor interrogates Tyreese and Sasha about Andrea’s escape. “This isn’t a prison camp, is it?” Tyreese asks. The Governor reassures them he’s merely concerned for Andrea’s safety.

After the meeting, Milton implores the Governor to let Andrea go. The Governor realizes that Milton disclosed the ambush plan to Andrea and slams Milton against a wall.

Meanwhile, Andrea sprints down the road to the prison.

Back in Woodbury, Allen yells at Tyreese for jeopardizing their standing with the Governor. They argue over the past: Allen blames Tyreese for emasculating him in front of his family. Martinez rounds them up for a task.

Andrea ducks into the forest as the Governor’s truck approaches. While she hides, a group of walkers attacks. She kills them with her knife.

Martinez brings Tyreese’s group to the walker pit and asks for help rounding up the dead. Tyreese refuses to participate in a plan that involves feeding people to biters. He offers to leave Woodbury, but Allen intervenes and they fight.

Meanwhile, the Governor tracks down Andrea in his truck and chases her across a field. She flees to an abandoned warehouse.

TWD_GP_314_1109_0020The Governor finds the warehouse and stalks Andrea inside. He corners her at the door to a stairwell. She opens the door and slips behind it, releasing a herd of walkers on the Governor. She escapes as the Governor’s screams echo behind her.

In the middle of the night, an unknown person douses the pit walkers in gasoline and lights them on fire.

Andrea reaches the prison perimeter and waves to the guard tower. But before Rick can spot her, the Governor tackles Andrea to the ground.

The next morning, one of the Governor’s men arrives at the pit and finds the scorched walkers.

The Governor returns to Woodbury in his truck and tells Martinez that Andrea is still on the loose. Martinez reports on the burned walkers, and his suspicion that Tyreese is responsible.

The Governor tells Tyreese and Sasha that the pit walkers were just a scare tactic and were never intended to kill people. Tyreese apologizes for being difficult. The Governor asks where Tyreese found the gasoline. “Come again?” Tyreese asks, confused.

1363473273_5168_iniLater, the Governor runs into Milton on the street. “It’s a real shame about the pits,” says Milton. “I hope you find out who did it.”

“Already have,” the Governor replies, eyeing Milton.

Meanwhile, in the Governor’s torture chamber, a gagged and bound Andrea sits strapped to the dentist chair, the walker pet chains dangling behind her.

So, the Governor is know communicating to everyone as to when he is preparing for some sort of homicidal or torturing spree. His whistling of that tune is an indicator that violence is soon to come. I found it very interesting that he recorded himself whistling while organizing his torture chamber.

Speaking of which, what about the torture chamber and all of its implements of pain? I think we are seeing a complete degeneration of the Governor. With the loss of his reanimated daughter, he has become even more unhinged. Which is saying a lot, since this is the same man who authorized the massacre of the army survivors and who, with Merle, tortured and threatened Maggie and Glenn. And what was up with the twine and needle? On Talking Dead, they postulated that the thread was for sewing up inflicted wounds to make the torturing last for a long time. I have a different thought. Since the townsfolk may not all be on board with torture, I think the twine may be for sewing his victim’s mouth closed to prevent their screams from being heard.

This episode we saw some definite signs of rebellion in Woodbury. Andrea takes a walk (which does end up with her sitting in the torture chair), Tyreese refusing to load up zombies for an attack, and Milton making a great big old zombie barbecue. It’s interesting to see that the Governor is starting to lose control and his personal trials are making him disregard people’s thoughts. I can only hope that Martinez will follow suit, but I am extremely doubtful that will happen.

While I typically lead the bandwagon for the we-hate-Andrea-bandwagon, I have to give her a tip of the hat this episode. She is definitely a survivor, and the way she just let the walkers in to attack the Governor was truly impressive. Don’t get me wrong, I”m still going to root for her to become zombie chow.

Side note: why would you give the man who is hallucinating the ghosts of his wife and best friend a rifle and guard duty in the tower?

So, tell me your thoughts? What do you think about this season and where it is going? What did you like, or dislike, about this episode? Leave me comments below!


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