‘Oreimo’ season 2 to be streamed on Crunchyroll


OreimoS2The time has finally come for a new season of Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai (Oreimo)! If you are as excited for a new season as I am, you may want to head over to Crunchyroll and make an account because Aniplex of America announced on Monday that Crunchyroll will stream the series on Saturdays starting April 6th.

The original anime followed the plot of the original light novel up to the fifth light novel volume. The second season will continue through to the expected 12th volume.

One of my favorite things about the series was the animation style. I was pleased to hear that Hiroyuki Oda is once again the character designer, adapting from Hiro Kanzaki’s original novel illustrations.

If you have not seen Oreimo, I highly recommend it. As it turns out, Crunchyroll also has the first season as well. You can watch it here, if you would like.




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