Next Stormlight Archive book gets a better title than “Book of Endless Pages”


Brandon SandersonHaving finished the monumental task of completing the Wheel of Time series, author Brandon Sanderson turned back to his own monolithic set, the Stormlight Archives. The second book of the series is tentatively slated to be released this fall, but during his tour for A Memory of Light, Sanderson admitted that there was a possibility of it being pushed back to Spring 2014. Either way, the book now has both a title and a cover illustrator.

In my notes for the series, I had planned for Shallan’s book to be named after the tome she is given at the end of the first novel: The Book of Endless Pages. On Roshar, that is a book of knowledge that can never be completed—because people should always be learning, studying, and adding what they’ve learned to it.

I don’t always think out book titles with marketing in mind, and a title isn’t set until the book is finished. In this case, once I mentioned the prospective title to my editor, he grinned and said, “Uh, are you sure you want to name a very long, very thick fantasy book The Book of Endless Pages?”

Since Book Two will focus on the scholarly character, Shallen, Sanderson felt the title should be connected with books and that it should avoid the word “light” since it will probably release the same year as A Memory of Light. So, Book Two has become Words of Radiance which fits nicely with the first book’s Way of Kings.

Michael Whelan will be returning as the cover artist for Words of Radiance. His covers for both Way of Kings and A Memory of Light are absolutely stunning, and it will be interesting to see how closely he ties the two Stormlight books together.

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