Box art and first screenshots for ‘Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag’ revealed!


Let the Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag leaks continue!

After seeing a poster for the upcoming title a few days ago, Ubisoft was forced to reveal the box art – and it confirms some suspicions.  Check it out below:


It is a pirate-centered storyline!  This is made perfectly clear on this box art with the pirate flag sporting the Assassin’s symbol.

With box art, also comes our first look at some screenshots of the game.

The leaked announcement trailer for Black Flag seemed to promise that besides piloting a ship through the Caribbean Sea, players would also be able to head onto land for a bit of romance, exploration, treasure-hunting and of course, assassinating. The leaked images (courtesy of AGB) show that those elements of gameplay are certainly in the cards, though how large a part they’ll play in the game isn’t yet clear.







For now we wouldn’t advise anyone to take too much information from these images, but what they show (beyond confirming that Edward Kenway will be killing people – *phew*) does get our imaginations running. Is the presence of whales and seabirds a sign that elements of AC3‘s hunting and trading economy will shift over to sea life as well? Or is it merely Ubisoft attempting to make the environments seem more alive? Along the same lines, will players be able to take Edward for a swim whenever they choose, or only in pre-determined locations?



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