New perspectives from old characters seems to be a theme with Del Rey’s Star Wars fall releases


While the long term fate of Star Wars novels might be uncertain with the approach of new movies, the current lineup of Expanded Universe books is moving right ahead. Star Wars Books announced several release date changes on their Facebook page earlier todMiller's Kenobiay.

John Jackson Miller’s Kenobi novel will be released nearly a month earlier than planned. The story of what happened to the Jedi Master between the end of Revenge of the Sith and the beginning of A New Hope will now be available on August 27th.

Leia OrganaAnd Martha Wells’ chapter of the new Rebel series will be out on October 29th. One of the most anticipated EU books, the currently untitled novel will focus on Leia Organa during the original trilogy era. The fiery princess never seems far from the action in most of the Star Wars books, but to date there have been no novels that centered exclusively around her, and Wells’ book is being heralded by Star Wars fans a long overdue chapter of Star Wars lore. Even with Leia in the spotlight, readers have been reassured the rest of the gang is along for the ride, and Luke and Han will see plenty of page time too.


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