Matthew Vaughn producing ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot!


With ‘Star Wars’ news currently flooding the internet,  updates concerning Fox’s Fantastic Four reboot have been scarce. Now, though, gty_matthew_vaughn_dad_contender_thg_110921_wbwe have word from Mark Millar’s Twitter that Kick-Ass and X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn will be producing the promised reboot for the iconic Marvel family.

Vaughn had already earned his nerd credentials with 2011’s surprise hit X-Men: First Class, and now he is involved with another major Marvel property. While he isn’t in the director’s chair, he certainly won’t be taking a back seat in calling the shots here. With someone like Vaughn on board, the executives over at Fox(and director Josh Trank) will definitely take his opinion into account when planning out what audiences will see on the big screen.

While I didn’t enjoy either of the Fantastic Four films already released, I’m pumped for the reboot. The comics are among the most enjoyable books on the shelf, and if done right, could make one hell of a movie. I’m banking on Trank, Vaughn, and Fox delivering the Fantastic Four film we’ve been waiting for.


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