Mark Hamill in talks to return in ‘Star Wars Episode 7’


Following yesterday’s not-so-shocking news that Mark Hamill(Luke Skywalker) is possibly returning for the new film, Hamill himself confirmed that he is definitely discussing it with LucasFilm executives.

Mark_Hamill_07If Hamill and his co-stars Carrie Fisher(Leia) and Harrison Ford(Han Solo) do indeed return for the new trilogy, they will not be the focus of the films. There have been whisperings that Episode 7 will center around Jacen Solo, Jaina Solo, and Anakin Solo, and that if Hamill, Fisher, and Ford DO appear, they will be much older versions of the people we left at the end of Return of the Jedi.

Aside from Hamill confirming that he is in talks with LucasFilm, everything else is rumor(for now), so treat it as such.

I, for one, am ecstatic at even the possibility of Hamill reprising his role as Luke. He brought so much to the original three films, and it’ll be interesting to see how his role has changed since then.

Do you think Hamill should return as a not-so-young Luke Skywalker? Or do the filmmakers need to start a “clean slate,” so to speak?


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