Sword fan? ‘Man of Arms’ shows how the ‘Game of Thrones’ swords are forged!


jaime-lannister-game-of-thronesGame of Thrones, HBO’s hit television adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire”, features a large amount of stunning fantasy-inspired weapons throughout the show’s soon-to-be three seasons. Have you ever wondered about the art and effort that goes into the crafting of these weapons?

Wonder no more! “Man at Arms'” Tony Swatton forged the sword of the “King Killer”, or Jaime Lannister as he’s more commonly known across Westeros. It’s important to note that Swatton has no involvement with the actual production team behind Game of Thrones, but does have decades of prop building experience under his belt, allowing him to replicate the iconic sword while simultaneously showing viewers how swords such as those in Game of Thrones are brought to life:

It’s a nifty video, and an even cooler process. AWEme, the channel behind “Man at Arms”, will release new videos every Monday on their Youtube channel.


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