‘The Walking Dead’ is an engaging, emotionally-charged masterpiece of a video game


Admittedly, I am a huge zombie fan, and I’m pretty sure all of you have been able to see that. I love everything about the genre, and I am absolutely willing to give any game, movie, book, etc a chance. I purchased The Walking Dead without really looking into the game at all. While I was at the store buying it, a store associate told me that the game had won “Game of the Year” at the Spike Video Game Awards.

Rather than looking at the why’s and how’s to the game winning the “Game of the Year” award, I threw it in my Xbox and jumped into the game. All I can really say is “wow”. I’m not going to get into the whole story and ruin it for all of you, but I do want to give you some of the positives and negatives to the game.

The Walking Dead is a video game that takes place within the world of Robert Kirkman’s graphic novel series. It is an episodic series developed by Telltale Games.

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Let’s start off with the one negative: the look of the game itself. It almost looks like the game was made on a previous generation engine. Occasionally, this did pull me out of the game a little. It is not as polished of a look as most games that are currently being released.

What are the positives? One is the fact that all of your in game decisions and how you treat other survivors does affect how the game plays. If you side with one survivor consistently, that person will side with you more often, but others who are in conflict with that one person will pull away from you. There is a definite direction that you are forced to deal with the consequences of your actions.

My favorite part of the game is the relationship between Clementine (the sweetest little girl) and Lee, a convict who killed his wife’s lover. Clementine is an amazing character who pulls the player into the game and creates a sense of empathy for this little girl who has experienced so many horrible things. Being a dad, I could identify with Lee and his desire to protect Clementine from this world.

There have been two games in history that have made me have a significant emotional response. The first was a huge amount of rage at the end of Red Dead Redemption. The second game is this one. The ending almost made me want to cry. It was such a touching, heartfelt moment that I will be shocked if people playing the game don’t end up with a hitch in their breath or a tear in their eye.

I want to recommend this game to all fans of The Walking Dead, zombie survival games, horror enthusiasts, or folks who are looking for a good game. It’s fun, it’s interesting, and it has zombies. How could it get any better? Take a peak at the video below to see what you might be missing!



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