PlayStation 4’s controller prototype revealed




We finally have a glimpse of what the PlayStation 4 controller could possibly look like.  Keep in mind, this is only prototype form and obviously things can change.  But we are sure it will be very similar.

There is a lot of already familiar stuff on the controller, as well as some new and interesting things.  Let’s start with the directional pad (d-pad).  It seems to have bulkier, stronger looking buttons and are also placed closer together than the current DualShock 3 controller.  The face buttons on the right seem to be the same.

The analog sticks look to be spaced further apart, however they remain level, unlike the Xbox 360 controller’s uneven sticks.  The analog sticks now seem to concave inwards, much like the Xbox 360.  This should make for a much more “comfortable” fit. 

The much-rumored touch pad – the back of the PlayStation Vita – appears to make an appearance on the center of this controller.  Also, a small mystery button is to the left of it, above the d-pad (see pictures below).  Is this the rumored “share” button? Or just a normal start or select button, which both seem to be absent from this version of the controller.

Sony-PS4-Controller-Prototype-570x340 PS4-Controller-Prototype-Headphone-Jack-570x400

Meanwhile at the top, there is “something” glowing – most likely PlayStation Move-related – as well as a PlayStation button identical to the one on the PS3 controller.  Above said button appears to be a speaker, much like the Nintendo’s WiiMote.  Finally, there is an audio jack underneath the controller, most likely use to plug in a headset.

Check out the image below for a side-by-side comparison:Controller_spelling-copy



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