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My name is Steve Stewart, and I’m new to Lytherus! I’m 21 years of age, and was raised in Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. I’m a military veteran, and through my travels and experiences in the military I gained a huge love for post-apocalyptic and military Science-Fiction, and a deeper understanding of the esoteric underlying messages found in stories of those genres. After my time in the military, I moved abroad and am now living in Finland. My personal interests include pie, psychology, sociology, craft beer and brewing, scientific experiments in which things explode, Mixed Martial Arts, and nearly anything that includes Dwarves, Hobbits, robots or bacon. I’m always smiling, and always ready for the Zombie Apocalypse! You can find me here, writing and tinkering away at odd projects, or on Twitter at @ThatDarnSteve!

As is tradition with new writers, the staff of Lytherus have asked that I write an introductory article explaining some of my varying interests to help you – the reader – better understand what to expect of me and my writing going forward. So without further ado…

darktower1In modern literature, there’s a wealth of amazing titles… In fact, “wealth” doesn’t even begin to describe the amount of literature we have access to. If you take, for example, the fact that in digital format alone the Amazon marketplace has available some 688,238 fiction titles (of which about 1/3 are ranked with 4 or more stars) you begin to understand exactly how many we’re talking about here. With all of those titles available, of which I can only even possibly have read a tiny portion, I can still say with absolute certainty that Stephen King’s Dark Tower series is my absolute favorite series to have ever existed. Now that is conviction…

This is why: Quite simply, it’s awesome. Stephen King took multiple genres and spun them together in a positively massive, impossibly complex way. I’ve never read a series of any note which combined a gritty, Eastwood-esque gunslinger with Arthurian mythos, post-apocalyptic themes, time-travel, trans-dimensional portals, vampires,  classic Americana, mutants,  telekinetics and then every other book that author has ever made. Successfully, no less, in a story that scales the impossibly convoluted adventure of a Gunslinger (think King Arthur meets Dirty Harry) of the “Old Order”, Roland Deschain, and his band of misfits-turned-heroes on his quest to save the Nexus Point of all Universes, The Dark Tower. They travel through some insanely trippy amalgamation of a nearly infinite number of dystopian pasts, futures, and entirely different worlds, and there’s no shortage of action, as they battle everything from mutants and robots to vampires.  It’s an impressive feat with Stephen King’s customary vivid imagery, horrifyingly accurate as usual, and deeply complex, yet relate-able, characters such as Eddie Dean, a former addict and drug-runner turned gun-toting Knight of The Round Table after an impromptu rehab-session by way of time-travel.

But hey, you’re hard to impress… I get it. There’s also this: Stephen King began writing this complex, legendary series when he was 19 years old.

the-avengers-650ff76dYou know what else I like? Explosions, superpowers, sarcasm, and watching awesome movies… ‘The Avengers’ made that all happen for me in one place! The movie, directed by a master of  developing character/group-dynamic Joss Whedon, hit theaters internationally on May 11, 2012, and quickly became the 3rd highest grossing film in Earthling history. Every scene of this visually stunning film left me slack-jawed with wonder, as I watched my childhood heroes come to life. By the time the end-credits rolled I felt ready to raise a fist in the air and scream out a call-to-arms… Then I remembered I’m not a superhero. But I did run out of the theater laughing with my friends, in a state of giddy excitement, like any self-respecting grown man, would… Now you might be asking “So… How was it?!”, to which I would respond “Super.”

Television is another hobby of mine or rather, Netflix. The SyFy original program is one I’m quite glad that I stumbled across, because it’s rated “certifiably awesome” on the Steve Scale. Synopsis? Coming right up. The series follows 5 ladies and gentlemen with genetic mutations that have led to specialized skills, such as young Gary Bell (Ryan Cartwright) and his ability to see all bands of the electromagnetic spectrum, or Rachel Pirzad (played by Azita Ghanizada), a young Indian-American woman with an advanced intellect and the ability to heighten her senses to seemingly impossible levels of functionality. The cast is rounded out by Cameron Hicks (Warren Christie), a former Marine with “hyperkinesis” (he’s basically a super-athlete, on naturally-occurring genetic steroids), Bill Harken (Malik Yoba), an FBI agent with the ability to lift cars, and other awesome feats of strength,  Nina Theroux (Laura Mennell), a clever young woman who can “push” people into doing nearly anything with her telepathy, and the loveable mentor and father-figure you’ve all been waiting for, Dr. Lee Rosen (played by David Strathairn).

Rosen leads his rag-tag band of misfit mutants against the superhuman terrorist cell known as “Red Flag”, and a veritable bevy of disgruntled muties. He also helps them find their place in a society that has probable cause to be terrified by their lack of personal control with their awesome gifts (seriously, why is Nina always stealing stuff?!). Admittedly, the concept has its origins in many places, and isn’t entirely original, but do I care?! Heck no! The acting cast is swell, Gary keeps the laughs coming and I want my action packed Sci-Fi and I want it now, darn it! Between Gary’s good-natured, abrasive sarcasm, the clever conundrums faced in each episode and the “What mutations will they come up with next week?!” lure, I’m hooked. As long as I don’t have to watch it on that evil little screen in the living room…

My interests are extensive, and if I wrote them all out here, I wouldn’t have anything left to share with you in the coming months as a writer on Lytherus! Look out for my coverage, editorials, and reviews for books, movies, television, and video games soon!


About Author

Steve Stewart is an American writer, podcaster, pseudoscientist, military veteran and martial artist, living in Finland. He is 21 years old, and loves pie, robots, Hobbits, comics, craft beer, Star Wars and more pie...! Steve Stewart is ALWAYS ready for the zombie apocalypse, and can be followed on twitter at @ThatDarnSteve .

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