The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 9 The Suicide King: Gladiator battle, a great escape, plus a return to insanity


the-walking-dead---season-3-episode-9---sneak-peek---the-suiWell folks, the mid-season premiere has arrived and it was epic. The episode starts off exactly where the last one ended, with Merle and Daryl being pitted against each other in a fight to the death. It was a throwback to Roman times, with a crowd of citizens baying for the blood of gladiators. The odds are bumped up when Walkers on leashes are added to the mix. Maggie and Rick come to the brother’s rescue, opening fire on the crowd and killing one teenage girl. A smoke grenade is thrown into the arena, and the Governor walks through the smoke with a smile on face.The brother’s make their escape with Rick and Maggie in tow.

While all this is happening, a walker finds the breach in the fence that the survivors used as their escape and enters the town.

Rick, Maggie, and the brothers meet up with Glenn and Michonne at their car (oddly enough, I inadvertently purchased a car that looks just like theirs). Glenn and Michonne both dive into paroxysms of anger when they see that Merle is with the group. Rick and Daryl convince everyone to lower their weapons. As Merle continues to mouth off about Andrea, Daryl, the group in general, etc, Rick hits Merle’s off button by pistol clubbing him. Meanwhile, the survivors are shocked to learn that Andrea is alive and is the Governor’s main squeeze.

Back at the prison, the new arrivals at the prison go outside to bury Donna. Before they head out, Hershel warns Tyreese that they all might not want to get comfortable with their new “home”.

Rick, Glenn, and Maggie band together and refuse to allow Merle to accompany them to the prison. Daryl decides to leave the group, choosing family blood over his survivor’s loyalty. Rick tells Michonne that she is welcome at the prison only as long as it takes to patch her up and then she is on her own.


In the prison courtyard, Ben and Allen suggest that the newcomers attack Carl and Carol who are on guard duty at the prison gates. Tyreese and Sasha vehemently oppose the idea and head off any possible instance where Ben or Allen could get their hands on anything like a weapon.

On their trip back to the prison, Rick and the others find their path blocked by an abandoned truck in the road. They go to push the truck off the road, but as Glenn opens the door, a walker pops out. Glenn knocks it to the ground and curb stomps it until it’s brain shoots out of its head. He then explodes in rage at Rick, furious that Rick did not kill the Governor for what he did to Maggie.

Back in Woodbury, the townsfolk are uneasy and attempt to leave the safety of the town for the dead lands. While the confrontation reaches a fevered point, a woman’s screams bring everything to a halt. Three walkers are in the town, two having taken down a citizen. Andrea and Martinez take all three down, with the Governor administrating the Coup de Grace to the wounded citizen. Andrea entreats the Governor to talk to his people, to give them hope. He refuses, stating that they are all at war now. Andrea takes the initiative and calms the citizens. Even Martinez seems to be swayed by her words.


Back in the prison, tensions run rampant. Rick is uncomfortable holding the baby (I think the baby has Shane’s nose). Hershel tries to convince Rick that the group is going to need more help if the Governor comes for them. Rick meets the newcomers, with Tyreese offering to help the group in any way possible. At this time, Rick loses his shit completely. He sees a vision of his dead, annoying wife on a second level. Tyreese and friends flee when Rick pulls out his pistol, screaming at the apparition.

And that’s how the first episode after the midseason break ended. Folks, tell me what you thought! Leave comments below!

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