New stills from ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ surface alongside new interviews in Entertainment Weekly


Entertainment Weekly has just released a new issue of their magazine featuring a full spread on Star Trek Into Darkness, which brings us new images from the film and interviews with the cast and crew!


It’s clear that J.J. Abrams admires the star-studded cast of his film, as he discussed how the actors have come into their roles, allowing them to influence the filming process:

“I would say all of the actors, uh, have more ­opinions this time. [Laughs] The first time they were all kind of trusting of me and of the ­process. They hadn’t proven to themselves that they could play these characters. Now they’ve been these characters, and they’ve been told — by me and by many others — that they are loved as these characters. So they came to the table with ­attitudes and opinions that in most cases were entirely valid and hugely important. And all of them are crazy-smart.”

Likewise, Abrams is admired by his cast, who hope he’ll make a return to direct the next Star Trek film. Here’s what actor Chris Pine had to say on the topic:

“I’ll be disappointed [if he doesn’t direct our third film], but there are people in his circle that will carry on. Kidnapping is always an option, right?”

Don’t forget to check out the incredible Star Wars Into Darkness Super Bowl spot, which hit the internet a day before Sunday’s big game:

Star Trek Into Darkness releases on May 15th, 2013!


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