Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg hard at work on Star Wars standalone films!


starwarslensflarelogo_largeIn addition to the recent announcement that acclaimed Star Trek director J.J. Abrams would be directing Star Wars: Episode 7, we now have confirmation from Disney’s CEO that standalone Star Wars films will be released somewhere in between Episodes 7, 8, and 9. This explosion of Star Wars news has sent fans worldwide into a crazed frenzy, hungrily searching the web for news of what Disney is cooking up for everyone’s favorite galaxy far, far away.

In a live interview with CNBC, Bob Iger, Disney’s CEO, confirmed that several Star Wars films outside of the main series are currently in development. Iger ¬†also let slip Lawrence Kasdan(screenwriter of The Empire Strikes Back) and Simon Kinberg are working on the batch of standalone films, and that Star Wars Episodes 7-9 will be released within a six year period.

The possibilities for these standalone films are endless, and it will be interesting to see if Disney and LucasFilm pull any characters or stories from the books or games.

What do you all think? Are you pumped for this onslaught of Star Wars movies?


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