“See the Future”: Sony releases video teasing major announcement on Feb. 20th, could it be PlayStation 4?


playstation-4- teaser-videoA new trailer from Sony is rocking the web: “See the Future” and #PlayStation2013 are being used to describe the video’s teased announcement, set to happen on February 20th. The video is ominous and lacking in detail, but sometimes a little information can go a long way. Fans are sure that Sony would not go to this length to announce anything but the new Playstation… and if February 20th hits and the new console isn’t announced, Sony may just have a gamer revolt on their hands.

Check out the video and decide for yourself:

You’ll notice that PlayStation’s triangle, circle, square, and X are featured at the end of the video.

The Wall Street Journal is also claiming that the PlayStation 4 will release this fall — a release date which would explain an early-spring announcement for the console. With the Wii U released just before the holidays and Microsoft’s next-gen gaming console surely close to release, it isn’t too surprising that Sony has a product ready to roll out.

Do you think this announcement is about Sony’s next generation console, or is this a PR stunt headed for disaster?


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