New ‘Bioshock: Infinite’ trailer takes us to the sky-city Columbia


bioshock-infinite-city-in-the-sky-trailer-screen-grab-002Bioshock developer Irrational Games has released another Bioshock: Infinite trailer hot on the heals of its recent ‘documentary’ on Columbia (also below), the game’s main city, also focused entirely on Columbia. The new trailer, ‘City in the Sky’, showcases the beautiful and distinctive transition from the incredible surface world of Columbia, to the dark and bloody bowels beneath the city. An nimatronic George Washington, statues commemorating Columbia’s “three founders”, dead and bloodied bodies, angel statues, and carnies make this a world we want to play in!

We get a glimpse of the game’s storyline, which revolves largely around a new enemy — Columbia’s “Prophet” — and the continuing mission to rescue Elizabeth. The end of the trailer is jam-packed with first person gameplay footage, showing you — the character — decimating your enemies with guns and powers as you help Elizabeth escape. It’s clear that the game is very different from its predecessors, but the familiar Bioshock feel can still be found throughout the trailer.

Check out the full trailer:

Here’s a look at last week’s ‘documentary’ on Columbia, entitled “Columbia: A Modern Day Icarus?”:

And for those of you looking for some nice screen grabs from the trailer, here’s a gallery:

Bioshock: Infinite hits stores on March 26th!


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