New ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ featurette brings some interesting insight from the film’s cast and crew


Star_Trek_into_Darkness_posterA new featurette promoting ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ as hit the web, featuring JJ Abrams and the cast of ‘Star Trek’ discussing the upcoming film. Abrams largely leads the commentary, although several of the movie’s stars have comments interspersed between Abrams’ and clips (both new and old) from the film.

A few memorable quotes came through in this featurette, mostly touching on the fact that both Abrams and the film’s cast believe this film to be the best Star Trek to date, and in some cases, the best movie they’ve made thus far in their careers:

“This is the most fun and challenging experience I’ve ever had. This is like everything I’ve ever done and experienced wrapped into one movie.”

It’s also clear that the crew feels very strongly about the film’s 3D release:

“The action and the scale of this movie is light years beyond what we were able to do with the first movie. […] This is the kind of movie 3D was made for.”

You can watch the full featurette, featuring footage from the film, below:

Will you be seeing Star Trek when it hits theaters this summer? Has this featurette given you any more confidence in Abrams’ ability to successfully revive the Star Wars franchise?


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