New Iron Man 3 teaser trailer and promotional poster make a crash landing


A new “Iron Man 3” trailer has hit the web in advance of its full-length debut during Super Bowl XLVII, containing some new and old footage from the upcoming film, alongside a new movie poster showing Tony Star/Iron Man in a tough situation: suit destroyed and plummeting toward earth.

In the new teaser footage, we see Stark Manor’s destruction (old footage), as well as James Rhodes in his War Machine armor and Adrich Killian, whose role in the film is still a mystery to many. Oh, and Tony Stark getting his ass kicked at almost every turn:

The poster paints a bleak outlook for our favorite Avengers member… but this is Tony Stark we’re talking about, so he’ll surely have a trick or two up his suit sleeves!


Iron Man 3 hits theaters on May 3rd, 2013. We’ll be sure to bring the full trailer your way after it premieres during the Super Bowl!


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