Legendary Pictures announce that Duncan Jones (‘Moon’) will direct upcoming Warcraft movie


Warcraft-movieThe Blizzard and Warner Bros. highly-anticipated Warcraft film has been in limbo seemingly since the film’s announcement in 2006. Legendary Pictures, the studio behind the film, pulled the movie out of limbo when they announced that Sam Raimi (Spider-Man) had signed on as director in 2009, with a $220+ million budget and Robert Rodat (The Patriot, Saving Private Ryan) writing the screenplay. Fast forward three years later to the sudden departure of Sam Raimi in 2012, said to be due to his commitments to other projects, he’d be departing the film. It is believed that Robert Rodat is still on board.

We’ve heard very little since — until today’s announcement that Duncan Jones, director of Moon and Source Code, will be directing the film. The internet seems to have taken the news well, and Jones himself seems confident that he can break the stigma behind game-to-movie adaptations, stating on Twitter:

Legendary Films has a modest track record of success with scifi and fantasy films, with even more on the backburner. Their upcoming releases look promising — Pacific Rim and The Seventh Son — and their slate of movies in development — Mass Effect and Godzilla — add to our belief that this is the right studio for the job.

But we can’t help hoping that the Blizzard cinematic team are involved in some way. Check out the teams’ cinematic trailer for Mists of Pandaria… and tell us they wouldn’t develop one hell of a movie:


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