Star Wars VII will only hit in 2015 if Abrams believes it will be the best it can be, 3D Star Wars re-releases cut


starwars7Good news and bad news for Star Wars fans: J.J. Abrams has come out swinging, announcing that he isn’t fully committed to the 2015 release date for the franchise’s 7th installment. Instead, the director has made it clear that he is not completely committed to a 2015 release date — not surprising, considering the film has no script, no cast, and remains in pre-pre-production. That’s a lot of work to get done in just two years, especially with what’s already on Abrams’ plate.

Commenting on his role in the film’s development, Abrams said:

“You know, obviously, it’s so early.  I can just say what I want to do: I want to do the fans proud. I want to make sure the story is something that touches people. And we’re just getting started. I’m very excited.”

Commitment to the film’s quality doesn’t stop with Abrams. Disney and Lucas Films have decided to cancel all work on 3D conversions of the already-existing Star Wars films in favor of shifting all of their effort toward making Episode VII the best it can be. The studio didn’t have much to say about their decision, but it’s a safe bet that the lack of success in theaters (just under $44m for Star Wars I: The Phanton Menace 3D) had something to do with it.

Were you looking forward to the remaining five 3D re-releases? Will a seventh Star War’s film help fill that void for you?


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